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Win a Record Deal

DO IT Records Win A Record Deal is a unique music competition designed for anyone from a solo artist to a full band, all you need to enter the competition is a recording or Youtube clip. This is a global competition open to anyone and everyone from all over the world who are not signed to a major label record company. The goal of DO IT Records is to find an outstanding, talented performer, a band, singer, or solo artist…a newcomer or veteran… raw or polished – the “gem” that needs to be discovered.


At present there is no easy way to gain a record deal or release your music. In most cases the independent artist just releases their product directly through iTunes but in most cases musicians have no idea or contacts to be able to market and promote the record effectively. We propose that we make it easy for artists to enter a competition and at the same time gain exposure by doing so. All the artist has to do is enter the competition, upload their material and away you go, it’s as easy as that.

DO IT Records WIN A Record Deal paths the way for new talent to gain exposure and be placed into the hands of some of the most experienced and well-known music industry professionals. We offer great prizes, recognition, exposure, promotion and the chance to be heard by a group of judges consisting of high-profile recording artists and industry professionals who are at the top of the world music industry. DO IT Records Win A Record Deal also offers the Prize winner to be placed into direct, personal contact with some of the most influential record label executives and music professionals who are the ultimate decision-makers in today’s music industry. DO IT Records Win A Record Deal competition offers the Grand Prize winners the unprecedented opportunity to be mentored by a group of record company executives, A&R reps, recording artists and professional music companies. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to directly network with the top echelon of record company professionals and gain guidance, advice, feedback, and networking opportunities to enhance and move your career forward.
And if all of this wasn’t enough, the Grand Prize winner will be awarded $20,000 in marketing and promotion with a professional release through DO IT Records which in turn will see their music exposed to over 250,000 radio stations, music distributed into 253 territories and exposed onto over 1,200+ retail stores chains around the globe.

Judges Include

Benjamin Wright (USA) – Music Producer, Arranger, Composer – Ben has worked with Michael Jackson, Justine Timberlake, Outkast, Donny Hathaway, The Temptations, Earth, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, Jamiroquai, James Brown, Otis Redding, Billy Stewart, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Barry White, Quincy Jones, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Dru Hill, Deborah Cox, Joss Stone, Mary J. Blige, UGK and DJ Quik to name but a few

Jim Davies (UK) – Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter – Ex guitarist of The Prodigy, and Pitchshifter, currently performing in Victory Pill with Ex The Prodigy drummer.

Simon Philips (UK) – Session Drummer – performed in Toto, The Who, Tears For Fears, Judas Priest and Gary Moore amongst others.

Stephen Wrench (USA) – MRP (Music Radio Promotion) – Ex VP of a Major Label, Singer, Songwriter, Radio Plugger and Manager – Stephen has over 40 years in the industry and has recently become a nominating and voting member of the Grammy’s. He currently runs MRP (Music Radio Promotion) Global radio promotion company which services over 250,000 radio stations across the globe, and with him and his team having worked on over 60 platinum selling albums he knows a thing or two about this business.

Terry Nails (USA) – Session Bass Player – Terry Nails career has run the gamut from Ozzy Osbourne and Steve Jones to Tommy Tutone and the Pointer Sisters. He was convinced to pick up the bass guitar in the late 60s by a member Of Janis Joplin’s Big Brother band and never looked back.

Tony (UK) – Artery Global – International Tour Management & Promoter – UK based Tour Agent that delivers globalized tours.

Tony Boden (UK)Artery Global – International Tour Management & Promoter – UK based Tour Agent that delivers globalized tours.

Keath Hartley (USA) – SUGO music – Distribution, CID, Video Monetization, Licensing, Synchronization plus more – US based company that specializes in distribution, compilation albums, Sync, in-store airplay, radio promotion, Global sub licensing, Publishing, CD & DVD Manufacturing, Video Monetization and Content ID. As well as many other areas of the music business.

Steve Scharf (USA) – Carlin America, Inc. – Music Publisher – one of the most prestigious independent music publishers in the world.

Raymond Ebanks (Finland) – Singer, Songwriter – performed in the global hit band The Bomfunk MCs with their ground breaking multi number one single ‘Freestyler’. The band have recorded 3 albums and had 4 number one hits the last of which was for the 2004 single Hypnotic.

Riku Pentti (Finland) AKA DJ Infekto AKA Rico Tubbs – Beat Master – performed in The Bomfunk MCs and he is one of Finland’s first hip-hop figures, Riku is also a Songwriter and Producer, working with some of the best acts in Europe and around the globe.

Enter the competition

All you have to do is fill out an entry form and upload your MP3 and bio details, plus pay USD $99 to enter the competition.

NOTE: Once you have paid your entry fee of USD $99, you will receive the following benefits for FREE;
USD$100 discount off the price of using MRP global radio promotion, DO IT Management Ltd will personally introduce you to the CEO of the company who will explain how the global radio promotion works.

DO IT Management’s tips and tricks of the recording industry, including how to turn a single recording into 14 income streams, 10 things a band can do to gain more live shows, plus 15+ other tips and tricks about the industry that will assist in advancing your career. Valued at USD$49
DO IT Management’s Music Business Plan, includes timelines, business models, objectives, keys to success, how to structure your act for tax benefits, strategy and implementation, competitive edge, marketing strategies, sales strategies, live performance agreements plus much more. Valued at USD$99

That’s USD$248 value back to you just for entering, plus you have the chance to Win A Record Deal, all this for just USD$99.

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria: originality, songwriting/arrangement, vocal ability, unique vocal ability, music performance, radio airplay potential, image, overall potential.
New for 2015: DO IT Records Win A Record Deal will be accepting both original and cover songs in all categories. Entries in the Vocal Performance category will be based solely on the quality of the vocals.

Judging the Contest

The contest shall be set up so that the judges have a score sheet with a list of criteria in which they will judge. The judges will have different questions depending on their area of expertise EG. Benjamin Wright, who has worked with many great artists like Michael Jackson, Justine Timberlake, Outkast, The Temptations, Earth, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Jamiroquai etc is a great songwriter/arranger/composer so he will judge song writing potential. Stephen from MRP will judge the songs radio worthiness and potential at gaining global radio airplay. Jim Davies is a songwriter and ex guitarist of The Prodigy, so he will judge the overall image and potential of the act. So each judge is a specialist within an area of the music business. Once we have the individual judges marks back we will compile an overall winner.

Contest Guidelines

Your Track should be a minimum of 100 seconds and no longer than 5 minutes.
Music must be license and royalty free (all loops and samples are licensed and royalty free).
Submissions must comply with the entry details.
Songs must be uploaded directly via our website following all the instructions on screen.
Contest will run 4 times a year January-March (1) & April-June (2) & July-September (3) & October-December (4).
Winners will be announced the month following the end month of each competition e.g. Round 3 winners announced in October.
Winners must be the owner of the master recording to enable them to collect the prize.
Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
There is no music genre restriction, however we do not accept music with profanity or racial hatred.

Songs must be uploaded directly via our website following all the instructions on screen.

DO IT Records – Label info, current artists & releases include

Everclear (USA), Bone Thugs N harmony (USA), Snoop Dogg (USA), The Jackson 5 (USA), Hall & Oats (USA), Rick Springfield (AUS), Steely Dan (USA), Tina Turner (USA), Bill Hayley (USA), Herbie Hancock (USA), Herman’s Hermits (UK), Billie Holiday (USA), Victory Pill (UK), Gladys Knight and the Pips (USA), Little Richard (USA), Glen Miller (USA), Dolly Parton (USA), Buddy Rich (USA), Sister Sledge (USA), The Troggs (UK) Andrew Lloyd Webber (UK) Emergency Blanket (Peru), Feldberg (Iceland), Fire Through The Window (South Africa), Fuser (NZ), The Mojo Slide (UK), Hodaya (Israel), I. Love (Russia), Pound (Sweden), Brian Rice (Denmark), Gray Bartlett (NZ), Hitarda (Ukraine) plus many more

Guaranteed release of your music

If you are interested in releasing your music with us directly, then please contact us on We shall require your song(s) in WAV file format, a single or album cover artwork and a bio.For a single release its just USD$99 guaranteed release of your Single.OR for an album release its USD$299 guaranteed release of your Album.DO IT Records provide unparalleled distribution services for artists throughout the world. We have established partnerships with the top online and mobile retailers, music aggregators, entertainment agencies and multimedia distributors from around the globe—and we are expanding our distribution database on a daily basis to ensure that your audio masters are being delivered to listeners, viewers and industry professionals in as many territories as possible. Unlike other label’s that may only submit your music to a handful of retailers (and may also charge up-front costs and annual fees to do so), DO IT Records will assure that your masters will be made available, accessible, searchable and beheld by consumers throughout the world.
For the list of 1200+ retailers and 253 territories that we deliver your music to please

General terms and conditions

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