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DO IT Records provide unparalleled distribution services for artists throughout the world. We have established partnerships with the top online and mobile retailers, music aggregators, entertainment agencies and multimedia distributors from around the globe—and we are expanding our distribution database on a daily basis to ensure that your audio masters are being delivered to listeners, viewers and industry professionals in as many territories as possible. Unlike other label’s that may only submit your music to a handful of retailers DO IT Records will assure that your masters will be made available, accessible, searchable and beheld by consumers throughout the world.

Through the years, we have developed significant outreach programs to thousands of industry partners—including sub-licensees, music supervisors for film and TV, advertising and commercial agencies, synch brokers, monetization brokers, sub-publishers, video game licensees, broadcasters, performance rights organizations, distributors, retailers, production libraries, other labels and more. We may be able to secure overseas master use licensing deals with various regional distribution companies and we qualify emerging online and mobile outlets on a daily basis. In addition, our international mobile Telecom database is growing every year, for both mobile download and streaming services.

We were one of the first to integrate digital and physical distribution, recognizing the importance of distributing across all channels and formats—all with superior asset management protocol. Whether it’s a full length on iTunes and Amazon, a stream on Deezer and Rhapsody, an MPL placement for film and TV, a UGC track and CiD on YouTube or a ringtone through Nokia and Telefonica, we supply hundreds of outlets around the world through our proprietary Delivery & Operations Database (DOD). We’ve distributed music products through every imaginable channel: music stores, gift shops, big box retailers, wholesalers, TV, Internet and mobile. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the ever-changing entertainment landscape: technology, social media, hardware, legal rulings, RIAA, distributors, collection agencies, labels, artists, music trends and more.

Below are some of the retailers we currently supply material to:

121 Music Store, 3 Mobile, 3 Suisse, 3355 Music, 7 Digital, A1, Ahlens, AGI, Aki Musica – Telefonica, Akoo, Alfa, Aliant, AllTel, Altacom, altoran, Amalgam Digital, Amazon,, AMI, Antena 3 TV, Antena Madrid, Anycall land, Astral, Atento-O2-Telefonica, ATT, B3, Batelco, Beatport, Beeline, Beezik, Bell Mobility, Bell, Bell365,, Bellsori Chingu, Bengans, Best Buy, Bilka, Billboard, BITÈ, Blinko, Blue Pie, Book & Life, Boost, Bouyges Telecom, Brisas, Buddy, Bugs, Buongiorno, Buongiorno/Mobivillage, Canal Sur TV, CDON, CDSkiven, Cell South, CellFish, Centennial PR, Charity Tunes, Chess, Chin Chin Free, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Chin-Lin, CHUM, Cincinnati Bell, City Magazine, Citymarket,, Club cyon, Club5678, Conpia, Conrad, Contexta.Antena 3 TV, Cool &,, Cricket, Cultureland, cyoworld japan, Cyworld, D&shop, Dada, Dajoom,, Daum, Deezer, Digioke, Digital Reggae, Dio, Discogs, Dj, D-jix, DMX, DNA Mobile, DNA, Dosirak, DPlatinum, Drei, DU,, eCast, e-home, Ekstrabladet, El Giganten, Emo, Emodio, EMT, eMusic, EnNyBog, Entel, ERA, Ericsson, Euskal Telebista, Exact Mobile, Ex-Libris, Expert, Ez-i, Ezio, Flaixbac radio, Flamesky, FlyCell, FNAC, France Telecom, Freechal, Freenet, Fun game, Funman, G Market, G-Pop, Galaxie, Galaxy, Gaja i,, GF38, ginzadownloads, Global, Globetrotter,, Gom, Google, GP, Groove, Grupo Godo, Grupo Vocento, Grupo Z, GS caltex, GS retail, H3G, Halebop, Hanafos, Hanaro Dream, Happli, Happy Money, HD Tracks, Hesburger, Hilo Musical, Hip Digital, Hiphop Playa, Hits-Yunitel, HMV Digital, Home Phone Tunes,, Hoodiny, Hot, IC Agency, IDT, iHeart, iMBC, iMesh, Impartmaint, iMusic, IMVU, iNavi, Insound, Internet Bookshop, iPop, iSky, iTunes, Jamba, Jamster, Jingo,, JunketBoy, Juno, Jyllandsposten, Kang, KBND card, KBS, KDDI,, KT ann, KTF Multi Pack, KTF Show, La Curacao, La Mediatheque, La Redoute, La Sexta TV, Label Mobile, Latitunes, LG telecom070, LimeWire, Lol Song, Los 40 Principales, Lumo, LYD, M game, M1, M6, Maco, MagixMusic, Maroc Telecom, Mbop, Médi Télécom, Media World Compra online, Mediadis, MediaMarkt, Medianet, Medion, Meditel,, Megapass Zone, Melon,, Meteor, Metro PCS, MeWe, Mi Pais Orange, Mi pais Telefonica, Midwest, MiPais Vodafone, Mix’n’Burn, Mixaloo, Mixmobile,, Mobile G Host, mobileshop, mobilkom, Mobily, MOG, Mokey, Moneyro, Moodmedia, Moox,, Movilisto, Movistar, MP Greek,, mpack, MSN, MTC, MTN, MTV, Mufin, Müller, Museeka, Music Airport, Music BOX TMN, Music Choice, Music Lover, Music on, Music To Go,, Musicload, MusicMe, Musikiilaatamo, Musiwave, Music Yun China, Muz, My Country, My Freesport, My Kids Tunes, MySource Telia, Myxer, Napster Mobile, Napster, Nate on messanger,, Natta España, Natta.Pt, Naver music, Naver, NAWRAS, Naxos, Nectar, Neo-Numerique, NetAnttila, Netcom, Netville, NiceMusic, Noble Music, Nokia Music, Nokia,, NRJ, Ntelos, NTT DoCoMo, O2, OD2,, Ok cashbag, Olemovil,, OMAN MOBILE, Omnifone, Omnitel, Onet, Orange BE, Orange, OVI, Pandora, Pannon/Telenor,, PartyMobile, Pasaj, Passionato, Phonomonkey, Pixbox, Platekompaniet,, Playlist, Play Network, PlayNowArena, Playphone, PLEJER, Poetics, Politiken, Polkomtel, Punto TV, Puppyred, Puretracks, Q Tel via AiwaGulf, Qobuz, R&D Media, R. Galician Operator, Rawrip, Real Networks, Reggae Country, Rhapsody, Rhythm Records, Rogers, Rue du Commerce, Sabafone, Sagem, Samsung funbox, Samsung Media Studio,, Sasktel, Saturn, Sayclub, SBSi, SendMe Mobile, SFR, Shockhound, Shop2Download, SHOW, SI Mobile, Simfy, SiriusXM, Skivhugget, Skivlagret, Sky sms, Skybell, skymms, Slacker, SOK, Sol Musica, SonyBMG, SonyEriksson, S-Phone, Spotify, Sprint, Stade De, Starfish, Starzik, Stingray, STC, Stofa, Stone Radio, SunCom, Surem, Swisscom, Synacor, T town, TDC Mobile, TDC Music, Tele 2, Tele 5, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telemadrid, Televerkko Oy, Telia, Telus Mobility, Telus, Tesco, The Source Mobile, Theta, Thinkindie, Thomson DE, Thumbplay, Thumbtribe, Ting bell, Tiscali IT, TMN, Portugal Telecom, T-Mobile, TNZ, Todo Lo Ultimo, Tonlist, Top 2, Touchtunes,, T-town, Tunes, TVC, UC story, Umniah, Univision, Urban Amplified, US Cellular, Verizon,, Verve Life, via Bharti/MST, via I-connect, Vibramovel, Vibramovil, Viettel, Virgin Mobile, Virgin, Vitality, Viva, Vocento, Vodafone via Esal, Vodafone, Walmart, Wanadoo, Wataniya, Wax, Way media, WE7,, Weltbild, Western, Wind, Word Entertainment, Xpointo Media, Yahoo!, Yahoo, Yemen Mobile, Yes 24, Yoigo, You See, Zain, and many more!

Below is a list of counties/territories that we currently deliver material to:

The Major Territories Are:

1. Afghanistan

2. Albania

3. Algeria

4. American Samoa (USA)

5. Andorra

6. Angola

7. Anguilla (UK)

8. Antigua and Barbuda

9. Argentina

10. Armenia

11. Aruba (Netherlands)

12. Australia

13. Austria

14. Azerbaijan

15. Bahamas

16. Bahrain

17. Bangladesh

18. Barbados

19. Belarus

20. Belgium

21. Belize

22. Benin

23. Bermuda (UK)

24. Bhutan

25. Bolivia

26. Bosnia and Herzegovina

27. Botswana

28. Brazil

29. British Virgin Islands (UK)

30. Brunei

31. Bulgaria

32. Burkina Faso

33. Burma

34. Burundi

35. Cambodia

36. Cameroon

37. Canada

38. Cape Verde

39. Caribbean Netherlands (Netherlands)

40. Cayman Islands (UK)

41. Central African Republic

42. Chad

43. Chile

44. China[8]

45. Christmas Island (Australia)

46. Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)

47. Colombia

48. Comoros

49. Cook Islands (NZ)

50. Costa Rica

51. Croatia

52. Cuba

53. Curaçao (Netherlands)

54. Cyprus[16]

55. Czech Republic

56. Democratic Republic of the Congo

57. Denmark

58. Djibouti

59. Dominica

60. Dominican Republic

61. Ecuador

62. Egypt

63. El Salvador

64. Equatorial Guinea

65. Eritrea

66. Estonia

67. Ethiopia

68. Falkland Islands (UK)

69. Faroe Islands (Denmark)

70. Federated States of Micronesia

71. Fiji

72. Finland

73. France[9]

74. French Guiana (France)

75. French Polynesia (France)

76. Gabon

77. Gambia

78. Georgia[13]

79. Germany

80. Ghana

81. Gibraltar (UK)

82. Greece

83. Greenland (Denmark)

84. Grenada

85. Guadeloupe (France)

86. Guam (USA)

87. Guatemala

88. Guernsey (UK)

89. Guinea

90. Guinea-Bissau

91. Guyana

92.. Haiti

93. Honduras

94. Hong Kong (China)

95. Hungary

96. Iceland

97. India

98. Indonesia

99. Iran

100. Iraq

101. Ireland

102. Isle of Man (UK)

103. Israel

104. Italy

105. Ivory Coast

106. Jamaica

107. Japan

108. Jersey (UK)

109. Jordan

110. Kazakhstan

111. Kenya

112. Kiribati

113. Kuwait

114. Kyrgyzstan

115. Laos

116. Latvia

117. Lebanon

118. Lesotho

119. Liberia

120. Libya

121. Liechtenstein

122. Lithuania

123. Luxembourg

124. Macau (China)

125. Macedonia

126. Madagascar

127. Malawi

128. Malaysia

129. Maldives

130. Mali

131. Malta

132. Marshall Islands

133. Martinique (France)

134. Mauritania

135. Mauritius

136. Mayotte (France)

137. Mexico

138. Moldova

139. Monaco

140. Mongolia

141. Montenegro

142. Montserrat (UK)

143. Morocco

144. Mozambique

145. Namibia

146. Nauru

147. Nepal

148. Netherlands

149. New Caledonia (France)

150. New Zealand

151. Nicaragua

152. Niger

153. Nigeria

154. Niue (NZ)

155. Norfolk Island (Australia)

156.. North Korea

157. Northern Mariana Islands (USA)

158.. Norway

159. Oman

160. Pakistan

161. Palau

162. Palestine

163.. Panama

164. Papua New Guinea

165. Paraguay

166. Peru

167. Philippines

168. Pitcairn Islands (UK)

169. Poland

170. Portugal

171. Puerto Rico (USA)

172. Qatar

173. Republic of the Congo

174. Romania

175. Russia

176. Rwanda

177. Réunion (France)

178. Saint Barthélemy (France)

179. Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (UK)

180. Saint Kitts and Nevis

181. Saint Lucia

182. Saint Martin (France)

183. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)

184. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

185. Samoa

186. San Marino

187. Saudi Arabia

188. Senegal

189. Serbia

190. Seychelles

191. Sierra Leone

192. Singapore

193. Sint Maarten (Netherlands)

194. Slovakia

195. Slovenia

196. Solomon Islands

197. Somalia

198. South Africa

199. South Korea

200. South Sudan

201. Spain

202. Sri Lanka

203. Sudan

204. Suriname

205. Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Norway)

206. Swaziland

207. Sweden

208. Switzerland

209. Syria

210. São Tomé and Príncipe

211. Taiwan[10]

212. Tajikistan

213. Tanzania

214. Thailand

215. Timor-Leste

216. Togo

217.. Tokelau (NZ)

218. Tonga

219. Trinidad and Tobago

220. Tunisia

221. Turkey

222. Turkmenistan

223. Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

224. Tuvalu

225. Uganda

226. Ukraine

227. United Arab Emirates

228.. United Kingdom

229. United States

230. United States Virgin Islands (USA)

231. Uruguay

232. Uzbekistan

233. Vanuatu

234. Vatican City

235. Venezuela

236. Vietnam

237. Wallis and Futuna (France)

238. Western Sahara

239. Yemen

240. Zambia

241. Zimbabwe

242. Åland Islands (Finland)