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Music Consultancy

My name is Paul Marshall and I am an entertainment professional with over 30 years experience in the music industry. Throughout my music career I have been a recording artist, tour promoter, A&R representative, an artist manager, recording studio owner, a professional drummer and the head of a record label. Because of this varied experience I understand the complexities of making music and making a living making music from both the artist and executive perspectives.

Music Consultancy, Paul works with artists, bands, labels, managers, booking agents, entertainment lawyers, radio plugers, fellow tour promoters, non music related businesses and major record labels (plus much more) to deliver specialized, detailed and individualized consulting to each project and person Paul is working with.

Music Business and Marketing Consulting: From handling and navigating the music industry to understanding how to support your music career or the career of your artists, Paul and his music consulting services can set up individualized music consults that fit to your exact needs.

Most Popular Services include: Artist Development, Organization, Music Business Plans, Thinking Differently, Marketing, Promotions, Touring, International Support Slots, Contracts, Sponsorship, Preproduction, Production, Radio Plugging, Social Media Promotion, Search Engine Optimization and much more.

If you are interested in a free initial consultation to see if the fit would be right to work together, Please click on the link below to fill out an automated form to schedule a free short consultation.

How it Works: After a session is purchased I send out a detailed questionnaire so I can get as much background on you as possible. After I have reviewed your responses and thoroughly researched your online presence we connect by skype/phone and go over your needs. I can provide you with tangible plans of action to accomplish your music related goals. For artists I am able to speak from first-hand experience about how to expose your music to a wider audience. For executives I can advise you on the politics of working with art and how to create more opportunities for you and your clients. I also provide professional music industry contacts that I personally know and can introduce you to.

What does a Coaching Session usually Cover? It covers a wide range of topics that vary based on your individual needs. Coaching is usually related to helping you solve the problems that arise when growing your business. I can advise you on how to achieve growth with the resources you currently have at your disposal and how best to approach the many gatekeepers you will encounter along the way.

Get A Music Marketing Plan or Artist Business Plan: I can be hired to create custom music marketing and/or music business plans for your next music release, tour or just to expand your reach and exposure as an artist.

Get Agreements and Contracts, or Get Advice on Agreements/Contracts: Does your band have a band agreement? Do you require a live performance agreement with a venue or bar? Have you been offered an agreement by a record label, publishing company or other music professional and need to gain independent advice? Enquire about what we can do to assist you?