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Together with our partners, DO IT Records canvases the international retail and business marketplace, consisting of 6 continents; 11 million homes; 180,000 businesses; 30 airlines; thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, ice and roller skating rinks and circuses; veterans and fraternal organizations and more. In-Store Media is just another channel to share your music, promote your brand and garner incremental revenue! Why In-Store Music?: Empirical evidence shows the link between...

Content ID

Did you know that over 60 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every minute? That’s a lot of people who need good tunes to match up with the crazy dog & cat videos and glamorous wedding slideshows that users are posting. DO IT Records and its CiD affiliates offer complete one-stop Content Identification services on behalf of our artists. We’ll register, reformat, submit, monitor, monetize, collect, and manage all aspects of quality control including counter-claims and systematic...

Video Monetization

DO IT Records affiliates manage hundreds of video channels within the Internet, YouTube and social media sites. We have partnerships with the leading ad placement and content monetization companies in the world. Together we supervise and monetize a growing network of channels on a daily basis. The technology we are using is some of the most advanced in the world today for optimizing the monetization process and is designed to yield the highest possible revenue CPM (cost per thousand...

CD & DVD Manufacturing

DO IT Records is an Enterprise Partner with Amazon’s On-Demand CD and DVD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service. We provide an incomparable service that puts powerful new physical publishing options in the hands of music labels, licensors and musicians, even as the world goes increasingly digital. If you are a music label or a single artist, you now hold the option of having limitless physical CD/DVD inventory, manufactured on demand, with no upfront costs and global distribution...

Album Compilations

DO IT Records specializes in Album Compilations. We have a dedicated product development and A&R team that works directly with our label partners to ensure that the sound recording compilations are of the highest quality. Compilations provide “pathways” for consumers to discover and embrace the work of new and even established artists. For instance, when an artist is part of a targeted album compilation, then the artist is exposed to 10x the potential consumer base, because as many as...

Music Blogs


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Music Blogs are the new A&R scouts, scouring the internet and the music scene in search of the next "Buzz Band" These influential tastemakers filter through the noise and help record labels, publishers, music supervisors, DJ's and fans alike to discover new and notable music. Their opinions can carry a lot of weight in the music business and a rave review from an influential blogger can sometimes be enough to catapult a band in to "Buzz Band" status. Below is a list of who in our opinion,...
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